Monday, February 8, 2010

The First Week of the Nifty Fifties!

Well the first week of my new decade is done. Do I feel any older - maybe a little but probably only because of all the celebrating I have been doing! I actually mentally feel just slightly funkier and almost like I can get away with more now and can blame it on getting old...

So Feb 1 - went to see Motley Crue with my son in London - was in bed by 12:30 am (so technically I was up to see the new decade in twice this year!!!) A couple of bands opened up for them including the wonderful Joe Perry (yummy guitar boy with leather pants - okay maybe not a boy is is 10 years older than me but he still look good in them leather pants!!)

Here's Joe

And here is the infamous Tommy Lee - who managed to get some girls to display certain physical assets to him - not exactly Mr Class and exactly what I expected of him. But nevertheless it was a great time and I didn't have a headache or anything aftewards!

Feb 2 - Groundhog Day (and yes he saw his shadow and yes there was 6 more weeks of winter but hey do the math - either way it ain't Spring until March 21)

Got flowers delivered to work from my Moose!

Went out for dinner with some friends - we had a good time - and a birthday margarita. I goats lots of presents (including 50 old goats)!

And yes I actually ate the whipped cream however note to Kelly and Amber - this does NOT mean I will be eating any cream cheese or sour cream at anytime in the near future!

FEB 4 Went to look at new places to live (YES I AM MOVING AGAIN!!!)

FEB 5 - went to my regular scrapheads crop (my son's word for us) and spent the evening creating with my wonderful creative friends! Love spending time this way and with this group of friends!

FEB 6 - Deric Ruttan concert in Guelph - we sang it out like we wrote it, drove that old ford like we stole it oh oh, oh oh - sorry I just LOVE that song!!! Mike and Amber and I went to see Deric and had the meet and greet with the opening band Hey Romeo (they were good!) and with Deric after (his normal produre of signig autographs and taking pics with all his fans). The boy is genuine and Canadian even though he lives in Nashville. His songs are like everything I know and feel.

Feb 7 - a Bella day - how can you not have a good day! The simple joy she found in playing with my balloons was absolutely wonderful!

Well that is it for week one of the Nifty Fifty year!