Monday, January 25, 2010

A new Decade for Me in a Week

I have been spending the last month ever so slightly freaking about the month ahead. On Feb 2nd (groundhog day), I will turn a whopping 50 years old! I honestly never thought I would last this long but now that it is here I am wanting to make sure I see the next decade!

To celebrate I am going to Motley Crue with my son on Feb 1, out for dinner to a restaurant I am considering for the wedding meal on Feb 2 with friends, and to see Deric Ruttan on Feb 6 with friends! That is just what is planned so far! I tink I shall try to make something special happen every week of the month! Afterall one only turns 50 once! I even have some items picked out for my scrapbook pages already - lol!

Speaking of the wedding, I will be flying to England on Feb 28 to finalize some plans. One of the things we were planning is to get our wedding bands. However this evening, my mother called me with the offer of a very special gift. To give you some background, for my something old, I am having my father's grandmother's watch incorporated into my bouquet. It is my inheritance and is very special to me. I received it last week.

It has 1901 engraved on the front and it was an anniversary present to my great-grandmother from her husband although I don't know for how many years. One side opens to reveal the watch itself which still keeps perfect time. The other side opens and her name is engraved there 'Phoebe Longway'.

I guess that got Mom thinking because I don't have something borrowed so wanted to borrow something out of her jewel box and we settled on her Family ring. However she has offered me the gift of her and my dad's wedding rings for us to be married. (Note I will then still need something borrowed). She has not worn them since the 2000 (1 year after my Dad passed). This made me cry so I will have to ask Ian what he thinks but wouldn't that be special. My mom's rings are one of a kind. Okay I am crying again over this most generous thought of hers. Even if I don't use them as my rings, I certainly would like to borrow them that day. I don't have any pics of her rings to post but this is something I really need to consider and discuss with Ian.

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Tracey said...

Oh Tammy, these family treasure will make your special day and your marriage so fabulous!! How lucky you are!!

Oh, and you may be turning 50 but you are still fabulous darling!! Happy early birthday to you! I love how youa re planning to celebrate your special day!