Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

So how exactly do you say that 'Two Thousand and Ten' or '2010'. I am opting for the latter - less hot air escapes in the shortened version and therefore am doing my part for the environment!

The new year started off crappy - I was sick and couldn't celebrate with friends at all - I was home all alone by lonesome suffering but managed to stay up past midnight, take some pics - one of me with the clock and some off the TV from Niagara Falls! In fact today January 14, is the first day I really feel great and I am breathing without my puffer - hmmm see note about the hot air above.

I was once again, reminded earlier this evening, in a friend's wonderful, amusing blog about her slacker blogger friends (uber guilty) so here you go my clever, guilt instilling beautiful princess who is taking a wonderful photography course so she can take the most amazing pictures in all the land - hey I am looking for a photographer for July 10 - no big deal just a wedding - you think you will be ready?

Christmas was wonderful - how could it not be with a 15 month old grandbaby - and yes I spoiled her, her other grandparents spoiled her and everyone else spoiled her -but I think the hit at this house was her broom - she swept everything including my butt as I was laying on the floor playing with her toys! Shortly before Christmas we did the standard fare of Visit to Santa and this year she went to her first Parade in St Agatha where I took the most wonderful shot (on automatic settings if you can believe it). We got together Christmas Eve day and had some fun playing in the snow!

In the new year got together with some wonderful friends who also spoiled her but it was fun - good time, good food, good friends! All the makings of a scrapbook layout!!! Bella discovered LED lights and how they glowed on her skin! It was so cute!

Work is busy, busy, busy but need money so can spoil granddaughter more! LOL

So big news - I am going to be 50 on February 2nd! I have come to the conclusion I do not have any time to waste at living or having fun (okay well I have to be reasonably safe). Feb 1, I am going to see Motley Crue and Joe Perry (yummy some men were just made for leather pants!!!) with my son!!!!! Yes he and his mamma are gonna have some Rock and Roll bonding time! Then on Feb 6 I am going to see Derrick Ruttan in Guelph with Amber and Mike (we think Mike is going anyway). I can hardly wait. Just got his newest album (a gift from Amber, Mike, Ethan and Aaron) and I'm gonna sing that old song like I wrote it, drive that old ford like i stole it!!! I have however resisted the urge to determine exactly how many hours of living I have left should I live to 80 minus sleep time and minus work time - that is just something I don't want to know. But then every day is a bonus for me since that fateful day almost 3 years ago when my clock almost punched me out for good! (Thanks Jenn for helping save my life and teaching me to help myself). I guess it is kinda fitting that I am celebrating a new decade of my life while the world is also celebrating a new decade!!! Look for the light! Tonight I was bestowed with a new nickname by my son and his bf - T-Bird (I have no idea but it is better than some I have had over the years (like Beulah)!

Bigger news - going to England on Feb 28 to see my honey and finalize the wedding plans! woohoo!!! Stay tuned for info...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad my guilting inspired you to blog. It's about time! And no.. I'm not going to be ready to take your wedding pics... but your automatic settings seem to be doing the trick.. that's a beautiful picture of Bella!