Sunday, November 22, 2009

Catching Up

I have decided to return to the world of blogging. It just seems like a good time for me to do so. I had a rough few months and some very happy times too.

So what is new:

Baby Bella Boo Bug is 1 year old as of Sept 16, 2009! I cannot believe how time has flown She is now 14 months, is very verbal and overly affectionate. Also very smart and a climber who has no fear!

During this time, Ian the once upon a time fiancee came for a visit for 3 weeks and in that time we discovered that although we had changed (for the better it seems on both parts) our feelings towards each other had not and so we are currently now once again engaged. I'll be blogging about the wedding over the course of the next 10 months from time-to-time and will post some shots from our vacation to Quebec City now and then.

Thanksgiving came and went as did Halloween! Miss Bella was a tiny little witch (who really didn't think she needed a hat - of course the wind was quite willing to help her dislodge it).

My son is now 27 and I have turned Grandma Bingeman - I just sent two meals home with him tonight after Sunday dinner! But he will enjoy the food! So I feel like a good mother. Somehow I often judge my own personal worth by how good a mother I am.

I am busy creating Christmas presents and will have a rather quiet Christmas this year as my own Mom will be spending Christmas with my eldest brother in Edmonton this year. Ian will be spending Christmas with his Mum in England. So it will be me, Scott, Stephanie and Bella on Christmas Eve but somehow I know it will be special anyway! With Christmas in mind, the big Black Friday shopping trip to Michigan happens in 4 sleeps!!! I can hardly wait! I have quite a list for Santa!

Work is too busy but life is generally good! I am trying to keep well and maintain a sense of balance while planning a wedding, dealing with a personal situation that is definitely NOT blog material and generally living the life! Blessings to all!


Kathy Carr said...

Hi Tammy!! Good to hear from you! I'm going to commit to blogging more regularly too - and I've subscribed your blog!! So keep it up so I can keep track of you. Congrats on the reengagement!!

mindysmith said...

Just when I was about to give up hope on my blog-slacker friends! Welcome back! I'll be looking forward to reading about your wedding adventures!!

mindysmith said...

Just when I was about to give up on my blog-slacking friends! Welcome back! I'll be interested to follow along with your wedding planning adventures!

Cate Sforza aka absolutartist1 said...

Congrats, hon! Good to hear from you again. :)

Louise said...

Hey Tammy, Congratulations !!!