Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday Tradition Looms

As some of you may know, the Meulenbelts and I have made a kind of annual pilgrimage to Saginaw Michigan each year at this time, and this year is no different! Well okay maybe one small different - Kelly H is coming with us this year!!!

This is more than a shopping tradition, it is a ritual. We begin with a very important and thought provoking trip to the Blue Water Bridge Duty Free shop - the beverage section if you will. Once we determine what we are taking to drink at the hotel, we then have to decide what we are buying to take home with us. This all important first step has seen the creation of many excellent cocktails - okay almost anything would be good at 11:00 on Thanksgiving Thursday watching some bizarre TV show on HBO whilst perusing flyers and well everyone wants DICKS for some reason. (that is Dick's Sporting Goods ad). Of course this is all to wash down the traditional Denny's Thanksgiving dinner (cause it is the only place open and no I don't think we have ever ordered turkey)

One important lesson learned last year - if you are on a 2 way radio the smart ass asking what colour underwear you are wearing might not be your travelling mate in the car ahead of you - so don't play along with the game!!!!! For the record they were black!

And Michigan Lefts - what is with that!!!!! I mean you have to drive 3 blocks out of your way to do a U-turn to turn left!!! Not in Saginaw, where we go but last year we stopped in Stirling Heights an affluent suburb outside of Detroit on the way home (so okay maybe not EXACTLY on the way home but close enough to count as a slight detour).

Then there is Tony's for breakfast on Saturday in Birch Run. Okay I cannot wait to see the look on Kelly's face (to know what mine looked like last year) when they bring the bacon - holy piggies in a blanket batman!!!!! There must be a whole pig in those baskets!!!

This year of course the Boo Bug is running around and into all kinds of things so Christmas will be very amusing - needless to say when I pull up to Customs, they might mistake me for Santa's helper loaded up my tiny little sleigh with toys for good girls and well maybe one or two for the naughty girl too (but Santa I can explain!!!)

Can you tell I am excited - oh yeah baby!!!

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Kelly said...

I can't wait to join in on the traditional Black Friday adventures.
It sounds like it will be a lot of fun!!!