Monday, July 13, 2009

So WHY Does It Feel THIS Bad??

I wouldn't exactly call it a broken heart. In fact, I am not really sure what to call it. Today a firend emailed me regarding an ex and feeling like she got kicked in the gut - this has been an ongoing situation and I tried nicely to tell her to move forward.

Not less than 2 hours later I get my own Kick in The Gut so to speak. There once was someone very special in my life and we have remained friends. I knew it was a temporary (okay very long temporary) situation because there were just too many differences in our lifestyle. I made a conscious decision to let it go. In fact I haven't been 'in love' for a very LONG time. I found out today he became engaged and I am very happy for him and her. I want nothing but happiness for them.

But it seems no matter how much I rationalized things and understand those rationalizations to be true and really do believe them - why do I feel like I got Kicked in the Gut? It hurts and I don't understand. It really isn't a broken heart and in fact I am excited about the direction a relationship is moving with someone who I not only care deeply about (and have for several years) but also makes sense when I logically think about a future.

Is this a chick thing???