Monday, April 13, 2009

Bella's Baptism and Easter and the Roadhammers

Well the wee one is now appropriately Baptized. It was done on Saturday April 11 at the evening service. The little boo bug wore my very own Christening gown. The church gave her a very lovely little cedar chest as a gift. Although I don't have any pics of it yet. Godparents are Heather and Brian with daughters Hailey and Lilly and her Auntie Kayla. All of whom are pretty special people in Bella's life and our lives in general. There was a lovely celebration after at Papa and Grandma Bingeman's house too.

This year instead of the big traditional Easter dinner of turkey (which I can't seem to like no matter how hard I try) I did a Good Friday brunch with the kids instead. We then had the baptism Saturday and Sunday morning a quick little visit with the Boo Bug. She got her first pair of shades from the Easter Bunny and are a Tinkerbell theme...the Diva training continues

I can't believe she will be 7 months old this week!!! She is just starting to crawl although it is more like watching a little froggie jump. She is pretty good at baby pushups though and is starting to be a regular little jumping bean if you stand her in your lap. And she LOVES music and sways to the music already a little and sings quite contentedly to herself.

On a side note the Roadhammers are playing at the Dallas night club this week and well I am forgoing my regular treatment to attend with a dear friend - who just doesn't get out much - there was a threat of throwing her bra - NO NO NO!!!! Panties okay but no bras! This should be great fun - they are an excellent band - saw them once all by my lonesome at Cowboys when I lived in Guelph - looking forward to partying with the Camo Queen!!! I'll be sure to take pics!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wow I have been a BAD Blogger

Yes I know it has been over 3 months - I am so sorry to all my followers. Life has been crazy busy. And as my friends pointed out on Friday - I need to update!!!! so I am. I so needed to get out and be creative on Friday - lol - yeah that worked didn't it? Oh well it was still good to spend time with my scrappy friends! You guys always make me feel better no matter how stressful life has been.

Miss Bella is now 6 months old and she is being christened this Saturday night. She is almost crawling - desperately trying and getting frustrated so ends up rolling everywhere! She is already becoming a DIVA!!! I am in charge of bringing the wine (now isn't that a little like leaving the fox to guard the hens!)

I did something on Saturday I haven't done in many years - I went touring for a friend's 50th birthday. Now touring is known by several names but if you ever lived in the country you know what I mean. However nowadays it is a bit toned down and we made several stops along the way to share birthday beverages with old friends (and yes we had a DD)! We travelled down the old roads of our youth and listened to the old tunage of our wild and crazy days and nights. But something was different somehow - one of the tourees brought their daughter along. It was her 20th and the Guitar Dude boyfriend as well. There is just something infintely wrong with bringing our baby on a tour. Well she partied so hard the night before that she only made it half way through and had to be taken home. She broke a cardinal rule - she didn't have a drop to drink at any stops! Guitar Dude fell asleep!!!!!! Another cardinal rule broken! Although perhaps he had a reason - his band won a Battle of the Bands contest the night before and then they went to Miss K's bday party! No I did NOT pee at the side of the road like the boys! It was so freaking awesome though and Oh Mickey You're So Fine, You're So Fine you Blow My Mind was sung most heartily to the man now a quarter of a century old!!! It just wouldn't have been right Mick if we hadn't - lol

Have fun in Vegas Amber!!!! And don't forget the home of the giant .99 margarita - have a couple for me will ya hun!