Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shopped Out, Rippy, Michigan Lefts and What Colour Are My Underwear

Well we are back - got back late last night from Michigan. It seems that blizzards (last year) won't stop us and the exchange rate won't stop us! As usual we had a blast. There were rumours of trouble over at Walmart but Amber and Mike didn't see anything. Nothing like those poor people who got shot at Toys R Us in New York - I mean who takes a gun into a toy store????? I am guessing if this ever happened in Saginaw, we wouldn't go anymore - but then again we may just find another spot!

After our traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Denny's, this year's drink of choice was mango rum (it wasn't so good with the mango juice we bought but then Amber had this great idea of mixing it Pom/Cran juice - yummmmmmmy!!!!)

They got through without having to pay - complete with 42 inch TV!!! Me I had to pay $11 - I fully expected to get hauled in and no big deal. Of course Grandma bought lots for baby Bella but I did put some things back - honest I did really!!!!

I learned some new music - chomp, chomp, chomp that I thought initially was kid's music - NOT!!!! It's a song about Rippy the Aligator. Look up Arrogant Worms and give a listen - I really do need to start wearing Depends on thes little jaunts since Mike and Amber almost had me peeing my pants several times!!!!

Food, food and more food! Breakfast at Tony's (right aross the street from Birch Run Prime Outlets) included a half a pig on my plate in the name of bacon - I'll post a pic for you all to see. I who normally cannot use a public washroom didn't make it 1/2 hour and decided that public washrooms are really not sooooo bad....

Went to my first Archivers - interesting little place. But the real experience there was the Michigan Lefts! You cannot turn left at a light to get across the street - you have to go down to a left U-turn lane and then come back up the street! I thought bloody roundabouts were bad enough - man oh man! Sterling Heights would NOT be the place to go from store to store on Black Friday.

Whilst there, we were using these wonderful walkie talkie type radios between the two vehicles. Now the only problem is that there are only so many channels. Amber and I were chatting away and suddenly, Mike asks me what colour underwear I am wearing!!! WHAT!!!! Okay so if you know Mike, okay he might ask me that as he has known me many years! But they were too busy laughing their socks off in their van to tell me that it wasn't MIKE who was asking! Oh well I will be the funny story of the year this year - last year was Amber's turn but that's not a story I can tell!!!! Next year will be Mike's turn and if nothing happens, we'll just make something up - LOL

Tomorrow is December 1st! The countdown to Christmas will begin!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let's Get Ready to Rummmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbllllllle!

It is US Thanksgiving which means Black Friday Shopping!!! Some stores are open today so we may check them out tonight! Heading down with some friends (as usual) to have some fun and get some great deals!!!! First stop Duty Free!!!! I wonder what little concoction Amber will come up with this....last year's was most yummy!!!!

We have made our lists and checked them 80,000 times, printed coupons, mapquested our last stop on the way home - Archivers - my first time so can't wait, charged up the cell phones and synchronized the watches! We are so out of here at 9am!

People think we are crazy but we have a blast. We have learned two little tricks:
1. Plot your strategy and pace yourself
2. Never fall in love with a deal - it might not be there when you get there (but chances are you'll still get a great deal on an item somewhere else)

I have my list but to be honest - I bet the actual stash looks a LOT different when I get back! And a side note - this will be my first Black Friday for toy shopping!!! Last year I waited in line at ToysRUs for electronics - not this year!

I have strict orders from dear daughter - Don't Spend Too Much Money! Yeah okay - she has been a victim of this shopping trip before - but honey look at the great deal!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lucky Grey Cup and Black Friday preparations begin

It has been quite some time since I was at a Grey Cup party! Of course I was cheering for Montreal since they are from the East - we won't even go into who my fave CFL team is for fear of being laughed out of the blogdom!

In any event, we drew teams and scores out of a baggie (for lack of a hat) and I ended up with a Calgary 6 so I won!!!! (cause of some complicated arithmetic where the score ended up with a 6!)

SO I had a pretty lucky weekend - now too dang bad I didn't win the lottery on Saturday night - that would have been soooooooo much more useful! Oh well - I am thankful for what i have won!

Amber and I chatted a bit yesterday about our Black Friday plans - we are heading to Michigan on Thursday morning for a weekend of drinking some interesting new liquor from the duty free, shopping, eating, shopping, and more shopping!!!!! Last year was a bit of an eye-opener - it was the first time we actually saw CHAOS with shoving etc. I can't wait! My feet on the other hand well they aren't so excited!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Poker Trophies and Fairy Names

After a very terrible weekend last week, this one turned out to be not so bad...although I missed a Stamping Up party because it was midnight before I got to be able to go and couldn't find the hostess' number to see if people were still there (sorry Mindy but I want a couple things).

So I won the Inaugural Dave Wilson Hold'Em trophy. Dave was the father of a good friend and recently passed away - he loved playing poker with us (friendly little $10 tournaments where everyone has such a good time). I am honoured to have won this memorial to him. He had a great sense of humour and will be missed. But as I say I won! Came 1st in the first tourney of the day and 2nd in the 2nd so had the best points (Not to mention left with a little more cash than I showed up with - gotta love that part).

So Twilight is out - haven't read it - not sure I will - vampires are soooooo freaky to me but somoeone on a message board posted a link to vampire names and fairy names - I opted for the fairy version:
Your fairy is called Buttercup Goblinfilter
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in clover fields where fairy rings grow.
She is only seen on midsummer's eve.
She wears bright clover green. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

I also opted to keep Miss Bella Friday night - I have forgotten how much effort is needed to get a baby ready to go out but I got quite the reminder on Saturday morning, especially in the winter. Miss Bella is 2 months old now and Thursday got her first shots - but she has handled them quite well. She is now 11 lbs 12 oz (she was 6 lbs 9.5 oz when she was born) and healthy, healthy, healthy!!!! Thank heavens for the little things in life!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's a Miracle - Steel Rim Bends Itself!

So it has been busy and expensive few days
- Thursday night - chinese buffet - $65 for three people!!!!! My son said we should have ordered in - okay good idea AFTER the fact! LOL
- Friday was only expensive on my time - Steph needed some sleep and Miss Bella didn't so they came over and Steph napped and Bella didn't while I tried to scrapbook with Heather - I got 1/4 of a page done to Heather's 5 pages!!!
- This morning - had to run down find the snow tires in the storage locker, move everything to get them out - then go get them changed - not such a big deal and that is when the Miracle was revealed!!!

Sometime between May when I got my summer times on and today somehow one of my rims mysteriously got so bent out of shape - I need a new one and of course they didn't have those rims so I need to get one from a dealer and go back - for now they moved it from the front to the back! Now I would remember had I been driving if I had hit anything that would do that kind of damage and nope can't think of one single thing - I don't even drive my car everyday - so I suspect there is a story that someone who has borrowed my car a time or two unknown to me at the time may be able to tell but isn't???

WHat do you think Steph???

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

26 years ago today was the first snow of the season

how do I know? I was in labour with my first child on the first day alone in my first house! Where has that time gone??

I knew I would likely go into labour that day because the weather had changed and I was a little overdue. That was the beginning of the long journey of motherhood - would I change being a mom - no way!

Kids have this way of being the both the greatest joy in your life and at times your greatest worry (or even sorrow). It really has been a humbling experience.

I love you both S and S xoxo

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cafeteria Food or Something that is supposed to resemble food

So I ate my absolute last meal at the work Cafeteria today. This is the third time in about as many months that I have been sick only a couple hours after lunch! I had to leave early today and wasn't sure if I would even make it home to my own private little washroom!

The two previous times it was because I ate the leftover whatever cream of something or other soup on a Friday (which probably was started from the Monday cream of unknown substance soup on a Monday).

Today though was probably my own fault - there was nothing to choose from and being Monday, the only decent meal is the do it yourself Omelette bar, but alas I had eggs for breakfast! Sooooooo soup was strange looking fiesta chicken which in all honestly looked like the leftover tomato soup from Friday with something thrown in, chipotle chili which I am sure is great if you an handle chipotle - I can't! Quiche - did I mention I had eggs for breakfast and so over to the grill table...

Now keep in mind I have been behaving myself quite well of late - eating very clean and very lean and well I did really well with the no coffee and sticking to herbal tea as coffee is poisonous to my tummy! Anyway there was this incredible looking ooey gooey mess for lunch called bacon and cheese curly fries soooo what did I do - I bought it and ate it and less than 1 hour later I was in extreme pain and 1 hour after that home in said private bathroom not sure what to do! 1/2 hour after that - in bed, in pain. So was that 15 mins of yummy in the tummy worth the rest of the day - OH YEAH BABY!!!!! (That is my taste buds speaking - the rest of me insists I will NEVER eat at the work cafeteria again).

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall back!!!

Yes I forgot to turn my clock back so I was up at 7:30 instead of 8:30 am. Oh well, I was wide awake so no biggie. I love this iteration of the clock turning - not so much the spring forward version. Takes me a week to recover from that particular one - silly - how can 1 hour have such an impact on your body??? Mine is getting older so that might have something to do with it.

I am off this morning to go visit my cousin who is visiting from England! I can't wait! I haven't seen her in over a year when I was over there. She is leaving to go back tomorrow. Lucky little duck flew into Toronto on the 24th of October and out to the Dominican on the 25th to celebrate her recent 50th birthday!!!!! She and her partner Andy got back at some point late yesterday so I only have a few hours to see her. A few hours is better than nothing!

So off I am to get ready. Have a great day everyone!