Monday, February 8, 2010

The First Week of the Nifty Fifties!

Well the first week of my new decade is done. Do I feel any older - maybe a little but probably only because of all the celebrating I have been doing! I actually mentally feel just slightly funkier and almost like I can get away with more now and can blame it on getting old...

So Feb 1 - went to see Motley Crue with my son in London - was in bed by 12:30 am (so technically I was up to see the new decade in twice this year!!!) A couple of bands opened up for them including the wonderful Joe Perry (yummy guitar boy with leather pants - okay maybe not a boy is is 10 years older than me but he still look good in them leather pants!!)

Here's Joe

And here is the infamous Tommy Lee - who managed to get some girls to display certain physical assets to him - not exactly Mr Class and exactly what I expected of him. But nevertheless it was a great time and I didn't have a headache or anything aftewards!

Feb 2 - Groundhog Day (and yes he saw his shadow and yes there was 6 more weeks of winter but hey do the math - either way it ain't Spring until March 21)

Got flowers delivered to work from my Moose!

Went out for dinner with some friends - we had a good time - and a birthday margarita. I goats lots of presents (including 50 old goats)!

And yes I actually ate the whipped cream however note to Kelly and Amber - this does NOT mean I will be eating any cream cheese or sour cream at anytime in the near future!

FEB 4 Went to look at new places to live (YES I AM MOVING AGAIN!!!)

FEB 5 - went to my regular scrapheads crop (my son's word for us) and spent the evening creating with my wonderful creative friends! Love spending time this way and with this group of friends!

FEB 6 - Deric Ruttan concert in Guelph - we sang it out like we wrote it, drove that old ford like we stole it oh oh, oh oh - sorry I just LOVE that song!!! Mike and Amber and I went to see Deric and had the meet and greet with the opening band Hey Romeo (they were good!) and with Deric after (his normal produre of signig autographs and taking pics with all his fans). The boy is genuine and Canadian even though he lives in Nashville. His songs are like everything I know and feel.

Feb 7 - a Bella day - how can you not have a good day! The simple joy she found in playing with my balloons was absolutely wonderful!

Well that is it for week one of the Nifty Fifty year!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A new Decade for Me in a Week

I have been spending the last month ever so slightly freaking about the month ahead. On Feb 2nd (groundhog day), I will turn a whopping 50 years old! I honestly never thought I would last this long but now that it is here I am wanting to make sure I see the next decade!

To celebrate I am going to Motley Crue with my son on Feb 1, out for dinner to a restaurant I am considering for the wedding meal on Feb 2 with friends, and to see Deric Ruttan on Feb 6 with friends! That is just what is planned so far! I tink I shall try to make something special happen every week of the month! Afterall one only turns 50 once! I even have some items picked out for my scrapbook pages already - lol!

Speaking of the wedding, I will be flying to England on Feb 28 to finalize some plans. One of the things we were planning is to get our wedding bands. However this evening, my mother called me with the offer of a very special gift. To give you some background, for my something old, I am having my father's grandmother's watch incorporated into my bouquet. It is my inheritance and is very special to me. I received it last week.

It has 1901 engraved on the front and it was an anniversary present to my great-grandmother from her husband although I don't know for how many years. One side opens to reveal the watch itself which still keeps perfect time. The other side opens and her name is engraved there 'Phoebe Longway'.

I guess that got Mom thinking because I don't have something borrowed so wanted to borrow something out of her jewel box and we settled on her Family ring. However she has offered me the gift of her and my dad's wedding rings for us to be married. (Note I will then still need something borrowed). She has not worn them since the 2000 (1 year after my Dad passed). This made me cry so I will have to ask Ian what he thinks but wouldn't that be special. My mom's rings are one of a kind. Okay I am crying again over this most generous thought of hers. Even if I don't use them as my rings, I certainly would like to borrow them that day. I don't have any pics of her rings to post but this is something I really need to consider and discuss with Ian.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

So how exactly do you say that 'Two Thousand and Ten' or '2010'. I am opting for the latter - less hot air escapes in the shortened version and therefore am doing my part for the environment!

The new year started off crappy - I was sick and couldn't celebrate with friends at all - I was home all alone by lonesome suffering but managed to stay up past midnight, take some pics - one of me with the clock and some off the TV from Niagara Falls! In fact today January 14, is the first day I really feel great and I am breathing without my puffer - hmmm see note about the hot air above.

I was once again, reminded earlier this evening, in a friend's wonderful, amusing blog about her slacker blogger friends (uber guilty) so here you go my clever, guilt instilling beautiful princess who is taking a wonderful photography course so she can take the most amazing pictures in all the land - hey I am looking for a photographer for July 10 - no big deal just a wedding - you think you will be ready?

Christmas was wonderful - how could it not be with a 15 month old grandbaby - and yes I spoiled her, her other grandparents spoiled her and everyone else spoiled her -but I think the hit at this house was her broom - she swept everything including my butt as I was laying on the floor playing with her toys! Shortly before Christmas we did the standard fare of Visit to Santa and this year she went to her first Parade in St Agatha where I took the most wonderful shot (on automatic settings if you can believe it). We got together Christmas Eve day and had some fun playing in the snow!

In the new year got together with some wonderful friends who also spoiled her but it was fun - good time, good food, good friends! All the makings of a scrapbook layout!!! Bella discovered LED lights and how they glowed on her skin! It was so cute!

Work is busy, busy, busy but need money so can spoil granddaughter more! LOL

So big news - I am going to be 50 on February 2nd! I have come to the conclusion I do not have any time to waste at living or having fun (okay well I have to be reasonably safe). Feb 1, I am going to see Motley Crue and Joe Perry (yummy some men were just made for leather pants!!!) with my son!!!!! Yes he and his mamma are gonna have some Rock and Roll bonding time! Then on Feb 6 I am going to see Derrick Ruttan in Guelph with Amber and Mike (we think Mike is going anyway). I can hardly wait. Just got his newest album (a gift from Amber, Mike, Ethan and Aaron) and I'm gonna sing that old song like I wrote it, drive that old ford like i stole it!!! I have however resisted the urge to determine exactly how many hours of living I have left should I live to 80 minus sleep time and minus work time - that is just something I don't want to know. But then every day is a bonus for me since that fateful day almost 3 years ago when my clock almost punched me out for good! (Thanks Jenn for helping save my life and teaching me to help myself). I guess it is kinda fitting that I am celebrating a new decade of my life while the world is also celebrating a new decade!!! Look for the light! Tonight I was bestowed with a new nickname by my son and his bf - T-Bird (I have no idea but it is better than some I have had over the years (like Beulah)!

Bigger news - going to England on Feb 28 to see my honey and finalize the wedding plans! woohoo!!! Stay tuned for info...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

and for those NOT partaking of any shopping trips this weekend - try to catch Helix at Molly Bloom's in Kitchener! Yes I am a Grandma and YES I KNOW HOW TO ROCK!!!! (just not to that Rock You song - I apparently am not a good cheerleader!)

Black Friday Tradition Looms

As some of you may know, the Meulenbelts and I have made a kind of annual pilgrimage to Saginaw Michigan each year at this time, and this year is no different! Well okay maybe one small different - Kelly H is coming with us this year!!!

This is more than a shopping tradition, it is a ritual. We begin with a very important and thought provoking trip to the Blue Water Bridge Duty Free shop - the beverage section if you will. Once we determine what we are taking to drink at the hotel, we then have to decide what we are buying to take home with us. This all important first step has seen the creation of many excellent cocktails - okay almost anything would be good at 11:00 on Thanksgiving Thursday watching some bizarre TV show on HBO whilst perusing flyers and well everyone wants DICKS for some reason. (that is Dick's Sporting Goods ad). Of course this is all to wash down the traditional Denny's Thanksgiving dinner (cause it is the only place open and no I don't think we have ever ordered turkey)

One important lesson learned last year - if you are on a 2 way radio the smart ass asking what colour underwear you are wearing might not be your travelling mate in the car ahead of you - so don't play along with the game!!!!! For the record they were black!

And Michigan Lefts - what is with that!!!!! I mean you have to drive 3 blocks out of your way to do a U-turn to turn left!!! Not in Saginaw, where we go but last year we stopped in Stirling Heights an affluent suburb outside of Detroit on the way home (so okay maybe not EXACTLY on the way home but close enough to count as a slight detour).

Then there is Tony's for breakfast on Saturday in Birch Run. Okay I cannot wait to see the look on Kelly's face (to know what mine looked like last year) when they bring the bacon - holy piggies in a blanket batman!!!!! There must be a whole pig in those baskets!!!

This year of course the Boo Bug is running around and into all kinds of things so Christmas will be very amusing - needless to say when I pull up to Customs, they might mistake me for Santa's helper loaded up my tiny little sleigh with toys for good girls and well maybe one or two for the naughty girl too (but Santa I can explain!!!)

Can you tell I am excited - oh yeah baby!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Catching Up

I have decided to return to the world of blogging. It just seems like a good time for me to do so. I had a rough few months and some very happy times too.

So what is new:

Baby Bella Boo Bug is 1 year old as of Sept 16, 2009! I cannot believe how time has flown She is now 14 months, is very verbal and overly affectionate. Also very smart and a climber who has no fear!

During this time, Ian the once upon a time fiancee came for a visit for 3 weeks and in that time we discovered that although we had changed (for the better it seems on both parts) our feelings towards each other had not and so we are currently now once again engaged. I'll be blogging about the wedding over the course of the next 10 months from time-to-time and will post some shots from our vacation to Quebec City now and then.

Thanksgiving came and went as did Halloween! Miss Bella was a tiny little witch (who really didn't think she needed a hat - of course the wind was quite willing to help her dislodge it).

My son is now 27 and I have turned Grandma Bingeman - I just sent two meals home with him tonight after Sunday dinner! But he will enjoy the food! So I feel like a good mother. Somehow I often judge my own personal worth by how good a mother I am.

I am busy creating Christmas presents and will have a rather quiet Christmas this year as my own Mom will be spending Christmas with my eldest brother in Edmonton this year. Ian will be spending Christmas with his Mum in England. So it will be me, Scott, Stephanie and Bella on Christmas Eve but somehow I know it will be special anyway! With Christmas in mind, the big Black Friday shopping trip to Michigan happens in 4 sleeps!!! I can hardly wait! I have quite a list for Santa!

Work is too busy but life is generally good! I am trying to keep well and maintain a sense of balance while planning a wedding, dealing with a personal situation that is definitely NOT blog material and generally living the life! Blessings to all!

Monday, July 13, 2009

So WHY Does It Feel THIS Bad??

I wouldn't exactly call it a broken heart. In fact, I am not really sure what to call it. Today a firend emailed me regarding an ex and feeling like she got kicked in the gut - this has been an ongoing situation and I tried nicely to tell her to move forward.

Not less than 2 hours later I get my own Kick in The Gut so to speak. There once was someone very special in my life and we have remained friends. I knew it was a temporary (okay very long temporary) situation because there were just too many differences in our lifestyle. I made a conscious decision to let it go. In fact I haven't been 'in love' for a very LONG time. I found out today he became engaged and I am very happy for him and her. I want nothing but happiness for them.

But it seems no matter how much I rationalized things and understand those rationalizations to be true and really do believe them - why do I feel like I got Kicked in the Gut? It hurts and I don't understand. It really isn't a broken heart and in fact I am excited about the direction a relationship is moving with someone who I not only care deeply about (and have for several years) but also makes sense when I logically think about a future.

Is this a chick thing???